This page was last updated: August 3, 2019
"Last Charge Up Capitol Hill"

On November 4th, 2020, America will either continue to be a Free and Prosperous nation  or it will decline back into the Obama Manufactured Depression.

In today's world our Education System, Electronic Media System, Marxist State Media, Newsprint and Periodicals and the Democratic Party are controlled by Marxist Socialists.  While the Republican Party is led by a Jacksonian Populist President Donald Trump, he is attacked behind the scenes by Marxist Globalists like Mute(Mitt-Willard) Romney.

For the purpose of our discussion we will refer to Anti-American Marxist Communists as Global Socialists and Pro-Globalist Marxist Fascists as the Corporate Globalists. The last political entity are the Jacksonian Populists, who are Liberals, Conservatives and Nationalists.

The Final Battle between: Good & EvilGod & SatanCapitalist & SocialistRight & WrongTruth & LiesTyranny & LibertyPopulist & Globalist and Citizen & Invader, comes to a conclusion on November 3, 2020.