This page was last updated: October 18, 2015
Mike Wiley Freedom

"A Directive Role to Correct Decisions"
Who are you?  Where are you? What benefit do you provide the consumer? How are you remembered? Do you provide quality and if so how do you prove it? Are you a price leader or service leader?  Why do consumers come to you? What is the best way for you to communicate to your customers? Who are your competitors? How do you compare?  Are you a leader in the industry?  Do you understand positioning? Do you employ Public Relations?
Are your receivables current and if not why?  Do you have a collection policy that goes to court?  How old is your inventory and are you turning it within reason?  Do you have parts that are obsolete and if so how do you turn them into cash.  Do you take effective inventory and are your cycle counts within reason to your perpetual reports? Do you know when to sale price your slow moving items?
Do your operations reflect your budget and forecast?  Are you at or near 100% capacity?  Are your Human Resources being managed effectively? Have you established a Five Year Operating Plan and are you confident that you can meet or exceed expectations? Are you profitable, breaking even or losing money and do you have a plan to resolve your current operational short comings?