This page was last updated: April 14, 2016
Mike Wiley Freedom

It has been one hundred and four years since the Progressive Democrats and the Globalist Republicans merged in secret to enslave the American people and live off of their labor.

The Globalists needed a Central Bank to transfer theft gains from America to the rest of the world and no Central Bank had been allowed since President Andrew Jackson,the last populist President.

The Progressive Democrats in competition with their Marxist Brethren NAZI's in Germany and Communists in Russia, had a specific plan to destroy America and mold it into a Marxist Mutation like that in Germany and Russia, so they helped the Globalists get their Central bank while they got their Progressive Income Tax, which was illegal and the Democrats could not steal from the American people without it.

So the Corruptible's worked in unison and passed the 16th Amendment.  

Realizing that they needed to pad their longevity in power, they agreed to take away the power of the States to be represented by passing the 17th Amendment so that US Senators could be elected with money and power and with the popular vote, which they could manage.

It's 2016 and Donald J Trump has come forward to run a Populist campaign for the people, but he has both establishments of the Corruptible's to face.  

Not since 1823 and Andrew Jackson has someone come forward to represent the American people and the ideals the Founding Fathers established.

The Book DAY ONE - From Redcoats to Red Ink provides an oral presentation as to what a real President would do to set America straight after one hundred years of war, topped off by the biggest fraud of all the Imam Hussein.  Enjoy the book and make sure your Presidential candidate is going to do these things.
DAY ONE - From Redcoats to Red Ink