This page was last updated: September 27, 2016
Mike Wiley Freedom

In 1993, one of the most egregious human beings to exist on this planet, stepped into the White House and Americans began to die.

As like most Marxist dictators, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and Fidel Castro, disarming the people so that they can't fight back against the Fraud of Socialism was a necessity.

Hillary Clinton's War on America, hit a road block on February 12, 1994, named Mike Wiley; a Patriotic talk show host who had the little Marxist in the White House pegged.

When Hillary's extremist attack on the 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans was about to take place, Mike Wiley stepped to the plate.  Two days later on Monday February 14, 1994, a second St. Valentines Day Massacre took place with twelve gun gun control bills in the Florida House and Senate being removed from contention to never be seen again, including Hillary's 32 politicians sponsored HB 241.

Now more than ever with the little Marxist running for the Presidency to continue the Progressive Democrats reign of Terror on America, you need to read this book and get as many people as you know to read it as well.
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